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Choosing the best false eyelashes for Hooded and Asian eyes

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The desire to have long, voluminous lashes is quite common amongst those with hooded or smaller eyes because they accentuate the eyes, making them look bigger and brighter. While some women go to extremes to achieve this look through costly eyelash extensions or in some cases incredibly expensive cosmetic surgery, there is a much easier, affordable and less invasive way to transform your eye shape instantly. 

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on maintaining expensive and fussy eyelash extensions with regular perming, which over prolonged use damages your natural lashes or shelling out thousands on permanent double-eyelid surgery, why not consider strip lashes that are actually designed for hooded or smaller eye shapes?

Maybe you’ve tried them before and aren’t impressed - but that’s probably because you’re buying the wrong lashes for your eye shape! 

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite eyelash falsies that complement those with monolid, hooded and smaller eyes. We know how important it is to have a lash you can feel confident in and choosing the right false lash for monolid eyes can be challenging. Lucky for you, we’re going to help you find it! After reading this, it’s safe to say you’ll be an expert on which lashes pair best for any occasion. 


Everyday lashes

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Finding a foolproof lash for everyday wear can be quite a challenge. You’ll want something subtle and natural but still defined by adding noticeable volume. Equipped with a comfortable cotton band and round shape, Petite’s Shy lashes have the smallest and shortest lashes in the 3D Luxe collection, making them the perfect addition to any look. Want something with a little more volume? For a hint of glamour, Flirty falsies offer light, wispy looking lashes for understated drama you can still wear all day.


Work appropriate falsies

Work appropriate falsies

Some women wear false lashes every day, which means you will definitely need a set that’s work appropriate. Embrace your inner girl boss in a pair of Unstoppable falsies or sprinkle some magic into your next business pitch in Pixie lashes for an ultra-light, subtle and natural look. These lashes can take you from coffee catch-ups to lunchtime meetings while still remaining luxe and lush all day. Now go get ‘em!


Fake eyelashes for a night out

Fake eyelashes for a night out
From after-work drinks to clubbing with the girls, you’ll want a pair of lashes that will maintain their volume and sass all night long. A bold pair of lashes is exactly what you’ll want to compliment your red hot evening wear. Whether you’re sporting a leather jacket and biker boots or a midi-length dress with nude heels, Petite’s Pom Pom falsies are the perfect combination of fun and fearless. Fitted with a comfortable cotton band and multi-layered volume, these dramatic lashes are ideal for a night out on the town.   


Wedding day eyelashes

Wedding day eyelashes

Whether you’re the gushing bride or just a part of the beautiful bridal party, you’ll need a pair of false lashes that will look absolutely amazing in every single picture taken on your special day. It only seems fitting that full-bodied, fluffy Drama lashes are what you’ll be wearing on your wedding day.
Not only will they capture the attention of the camera, but they’ll also leave your guests ooing and ahhing at how beautiful your eyes look. For the maid of honour, a sweet set of Honey lashes are easy to apply and comfortable to wear, while still maintaining the dramatic look you’re after. 


Lashes that will hold up on your holiday

Lashes that will hold up on your holiday

Planning a holiday is fun and exciting, but packing for it is a total drag. If you’re anything like us, you probably try and shove your entire drawer of absolutely-necessary cosmetic products into your carry on luggage leaving just enough room for one bikini and a pair of sandals.

While you might require a few rounds of packing and unpacking, if there’s one thing you won’t want to forget during all this, it’s a set of Poppy lashes by Petite Cosmetic. Single, natural and effortless, they might look delicate, but these lashes will hold up in any kind of heat and can be paired effortlessly with any outfit. Whether you're hitting the cabana bar for pina coladas or going for a walk along the beach at sunset, these lashes won’t let you down.


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Applying falsies is easy, especially when you shop our collection of flawless lashes exclusively available on our online shop. From natural light lashes to luxe faux mink falsies we promise you’ll have no problem finding the perfect lash to pair with any occasion at Petite Cosmetics. Discounts and free shipping are available when buying in bulk! Shop now.