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Line n Lash eyeliner- The latest revolutionary trick to applying false lashes

Icon Icon Line n Lash eyeliner- The latest revolutionary trick to applying false lashes

We all know that putting on false lashes can be a time-consuming process, from the glue getting all over your eyelids to ripping your falsies on and off for the hundredth time... all for you to just give up and stay home.

If only there was a way to apply false lashes easily, on the go and without the sticky mess (is that too much to ask?). 

Luckily for you, Line n Lash eyeliner will not only leave your falsies flawlessly placed but will give you enough time to actually leave early. Now that calls for a celebration! 

Line N Lash - Adhesive Eyeliner Before And After

So, what is Line n Lash Eyeliner?

Line n Lash eyeliner is the latest must-have by Petite Cosmetics and most importantly your new favourite product when it comes to false lashes. This is no ordinary eyeliner, with the ability to transform your regular looking eyeliner to a crisp pigmented look in just one stroke.  

This magical liner also doubles up as a lash adhesive! With its non-latex formula creating waterproof lines that are perfect for those wild nights out on the dancefloor just got easier- you’re welcome. 

The felt tip point also creates extra precision which is super handy if you are a beginner (or tend to have a trembling hand like most of us do).

How to apply Petite Cosmetics Line N Lash Adhesive Eyeliner

How will it help me with my application? 

The real joy lies in Line N Lash’s revolutionary hybrid powers, with the time and effort in front of the mirror being magically cut in half. As you can imagine, without any sticky glue, there’s no extra time wasted waiting for it to get tacky. This means effortlessly placing the false lash on top of your natural lash line, as soon as the eyeliner hits your eyelid.

The non-latex formula is also vegan and cruelty free, allowing for easy readjustment without the mess and mayhem. A win for the girls! 

Extra tricks and tips for false lashes 

The key to false lashes is making sure that they don’t come off. This usually means stacking copious amounts of glue on your false lashes, which isn’t fun for anybody- especially your own lashes. For extra hold with Line n Lash, simply apply the product directly along the band of your favourite falsies! This will create a seamless application as well as an all-day stick.

Another great trick is using a lash applicator, this simple but effective step is a total lifesaver when it comes to those tricky outer corners.

Both of these products are conveniently sized and are the perfect fit for even the tiniest of handbags. This allows you to go by your day in full swing, with the perfect opportunity for a touchup if needed. 


False Lashes are better at Petite Cosmetics                    

It’s time to say goodbye to fussy glue and magnets, and hello to Line n Lash eyeliner (aka the next big game changer in the makeup world.) Be sure not to miss out on your next seamless application, head over to the Petite Cosmetics website and grab yours today!