Q: What is the difference between collections, Natural Light / Luxe Faux Mink / 3D Luxe?

A: Here's the difference between collections, Natural Light / Luxe Faux Mink / 3D Luxe:

  • Natural Light collection - the most natural styles, generally shorter and great for beginners who don’t want anything heavy or dramatic
  • Luxe Faux Mink - the most dramatic styles, lashes are generally longer and fuller and suitable for those who like to glam up
  • 3D Luxe - in between Natural Light & Luxe Faux Mink. Medium length and volume - classical look without being overly dramatic

Q: How long does Petite Cosmetics lashes last?

A: With proper care, Petite Cosmetics lashes can last on average up to 15 wears. 

Q: How to care for Petite Cosmetics lashes?

A: Few tips below to care for Petite Cosmetics lashes:

  • Applying lashes: *already have steps on the product pages*
  • Removing lashes: Using makeup remover, gently wipe the eye and allow for the glue on the lash band to dissolve. When glue has softened, gently hold the base of the lashes and remove from the eye. Remove any excess glue on the lashes using makeup remover and store the lashes back on the tray so that they maintain their shape for reuse.

Q: I trim the lashes of other brands, will I need to trim Petite Cosmetics lashes?

A: It depends on the width of your eyes as everyone is unique. The length of our bands are standard size so if the band is too long for your eyes, you may need to trim them down.

Q: What makes Petite Cosmetics lashes different from the rest?

A: The following points describes the difference:

  • Although our lashes are suitable for all eye types, they are designed for those with hooded or smaller eyes in mind. Most other brands have lashes which are too long and rub against the eyelids causing discomfort. 
  • We are constantly designing new lash styles and accessories that our customers love
  • We are 100% cruelty free meaning our lashes are made only from synthetic fibers and not tested on any animals. 

Q: Why does Petite Cosmetics not sell Mink lashes?

A: We are strongly against selling Mink lashes which are often made from Mink hair harvested in often unsanitary and unethical fur farms. A common misconception is that mink lashes are more comfortable and lighter than lashes made from synthetic fibers. With advances and technology and innovation, it is now possible to produce lashes that are close to human lashes without the need to purchase mink lashes.