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Sweet is an ultra light weight lash in our new Natural Light Range. This style makes your eyes look more rounded and is perfect for a natural everyday look. Sweet has a clear flexible band which makes it super comfortable to wear and is great for those new to wearing false eyelashes.

Layer Single Layer
Weight Ultra Light Weight
Reusable 3-5 times depending on care


Eyelash glue not included.

Our lashes are 100% hand-made which means there may be slight differences between your lashes and the lashes shown in the photos.

Petite Cosmetics is a range designed for those who have hooded or smaller shaped eyes. It was created by Tina Yong, a makeup artist and beauty YouTuber who found it difficult to find eyelashes to suit her own eye shape as well as many of her clients. This led her to create her own brand catering for those with petite features.

Hand Made  -  Synthetic  -  Cruelty Free